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It's is very hard to separate auto ball joint when we repair our car,how to easy to do?
Ball joints are part of the steering and suspension of most vehicles. A ball joint allows the front suspension to moveup and down and steer back and forth simultaneously.
A ball joint consists of a metal ball encased in a metal housing.The two partsmove independently of each other and require regular lubrication.
A worn-out ball joint may cause erratic steering and requires separation fromthe suspension control arm for replacement.
1.Set the parking brake and chock the rear wheels. Place a floor jack under thefront frame rail on the side of the vehicle where the ball joint is to beremoved. Loosen the wheel lugs on the wheel one turn with a lug wrench. Raisethe floor jack. Place a jack stand under the frame rail. Finish removing thewheel lugs and the wheel.
2.Remove the cotter pin from the castle nut on the underside of the ball jointto be removed with pliers. Remove the castle nut in a counterclockwisedirection with a socket and breaker bar.
3.Insert the tapered open end of the upper arm of a four-way ball jointseparator in between the ball joint and the suspension control arm at the balljoint stud.
4.Operate the lower arm of the separator. Remove the center bolt at the pivotpoint of the separator and move the lower arm to the next hole in the tool ifthe gap between the ends of the two arms is too far apart for the adjustmentscrew to operate. Replace the center bolt. Note that the ends of the upper andlower arms of separator should be in close proximity together.
5.Turn the adjustment screw on the upper arm of the separator until it comesinto contact with the lower arm. Continue turning the nut with a wrench in aclockwise direction until the ball joint separates from the suspension controlarm.
6.Loosen the adjustment screw and slide the separator away from the ball jointto remove it.

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