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How to use brake caliper piston tool set?Do you know?

Jack the vehicle up and support on jackstands. Remove the front tires and set aside.

Locate and remove the bolts that hold the caliper to the caliper bracket. Torx sockets are supplied in the disc brake tool set, but the bolts may not be torx head, in which case a hex wrench willremove them.

Lift or pry the caliper out of the bracket and off the rotor. Use the piston pushing tool to force the caliper pistons back into the caliper. Two pushing screws are provided with the tool, use onein the center threaded hole on most single piston calipers, and both screws onmost dual piston setups.

Use the square block with a socket wrenchto turn the piston in on a rear caliper when the piston is threaded and notdesigned to push back in. This setup allows the parking brake to be appliedwithout using a separate set of brake shoes for that purpose.

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