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How to Change the Oil and Filter on an R11xxrt (oilhead)

Changing your own oil and oil filter is one of the easiest maintenance items to do on an Oilhead BMW. These instructions are specific to the R1150RT but are very similar for all oilheads.


1.Ride the bike until the oil is up to normal operating temperature.

2.Place bike on side stand for 5 minutes to let the oil cooler drain.


3.Place bike on centre stand.

4.Remove the oil filler cap.

5.Locate the oil drain bolt, it is directly below the engine near the middle of the engine block.

6.Place the oil drain pan under the bolt.


7.Remove the drain bolt and let the oil drain.

8.When the oil has drained replace the bolt, tighten to 32Nm. Don't forget the little washer that goes on the bolt, or you'll be doing this operation twice.

9.Locate the oil filter, it is forward of the drain bolt and is recessed into the engine, it is not visible except from below.

10.Place the drain pan under the filter.

11.Use the filter wrench to remove the filter, a little oil will run out while you are unscrewing the filter.

12.Pour the oil from the filter into the drain pan.

13.Let the last few drops drip from the engine into the pan.


14.Smear some oil on the rubber gasket of the new filter, just a little.

15.Fill the filter with fresh oil, this will take several pours as it takes time to seep down. (Optional step)

16.Screw the filter into the recess until finger tight.

17.Torque the filter to 11Nm, many people just turn the filter another 1/4 to 1/2 turn rather than using a wrench, do so at your own risk!

18.Pour fresh oil into the filler until the total used is 3.75 quarts including the amount in the filter. The manual calls for 4 quarts but this is usually too much as not all the oil drains.

19.Replace the filler cap.

20.Start the engine and let it idle for about 45 to 60 seconds while observing the area around the filter. If you see oil coming from this area, shut the engine down immediately. You may have a filter missing a gasket, or the gasket from the old filter stuck on the block. Refer to the notes below for instructions on how to check for a stuck gasket.

21.Check the oil level in the sight glass before riding the motorcycle, and ensure it is between the high and low marks indicated in your owners manual.

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