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How to Check Tire Pressure?DNT Tools
Safety Tip:

Always wear safety glasses when working on your vehicle. Wear other personal protective equipment (PPE) when necessary, for example latex gloves or closed toe shoes.

  1. Locate the tire's valve stem.
  2. Using a tire pressure gauge, hold the gauge down on the valve stem to get the tire's pressure reading. Perform this step for all the tires on the vehicle.
  3. Compare the tire pressure to the Sticker located on the driver side door jam or compare to the tire pressure listed on the tire sidewall. Please make sure that the tires are cold and have not been driven on for at least an hour - as the tires air pressure will increase as the temperature of the tire increases.
  4. Inflate the tires to the manufacturer's specifications.
  5. Road test to insure that vehicle does not pull to one side or another.

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