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How to Change a Nissan Sentra Clutch

A loss of power and grinding gears in between shifts are telltale signs that your Nissan Sentra's clutch needs to be replaced. Thankfully, with the right tools and a little knowledge you can inspect and replace your clutch, saving money in the process. So here is the right way to change a Nissan Sentra Clutch by our clutch alignment tool.


Step 1
Follow the procedures in the owner's manual for lifting the vehicle. Support the vehicle, lifting it with jackstands.

Step 2
Remove the transaxle assembly and set it aside.

Step 3
Slide a clutch alignment tool into the clutch disc hub until it seats. This will hold the clutch disc while it is being unbolted.

Step 4
Mark the relative position of the clutch assembly against the flywheel, using paint. The clutch assembly must be assembled in the same position in which it was removed.

Step 5
Loosen the pressure plate bolts. After loosening the first, loosen the bolt on the opposite side of the pressure plate. Continue loosening the bolts in a criss-cross pattern, one turn at a time. Slowly relieve the spring pressure, and remove the bolts once the pressure is relieved.

Step 6
Remove the clutch disc and pressure plate from the face of the flywheel.

Remove the clutch release lever. Align the retaining pins with the clutch cavity and then use a pin punch to drive out the pins.

Items you will need
Automotive jack
Set of metric sockets
Set of metric wrenches
Torque wrench
Clutch alignment tool
Clutch kit
Lubricating grease

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