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New Products display:New Nut Splitter

Time: 2015-07-21
Summary: Nut splitter,automotive special tool

New Products display:

Universal C-Frame Nut Splitter

Item No.DN-D1104

Material: Tool Steel

Technic: Dropped forging

Hardness: HRC 52  ----knife

                 HRC 28  ----hand

                 HRC 38  ----bolt

drive: 19mm socket or wrench, 6mm Allen Key


Forged and heat-treated frame with offset handle works where ordinary nut splitters may fail. Smooth action cracks nuts without damaging bolt threads.

Chisel rotates to line up parallel to bolt. Splits non-heat-treated nuts of 7/16" (11mm) through 3/4" (19mm) diameter. Tool is 6-3/4" in length


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