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Ford announces two experimental intelligent car parking solutions in Shanghai

Time: 2016-06-28
Summary: Ford announces two experimental intelligent car parking solutions in Shanghai

In June 21st, Ford Motor has announced two experimental mobility solutions aiming at facilitating car owners’ parking, heralding the forthcoming Mobile World Congress Shanghai. The car company joins hands with Chinese valet parking service provider Car Key and intelligent parking service provider Dingding Tingche to relieve car owners in city centers from stressful parking by introducing two experimental mobility solutions.

According to a Ford survey on people’s daily commuting, more than 20% respondents consider the daily commuting is the most stressful and frustrating time of their day, 34% see their commuting as inconvenient, and one-third of them think their experience of commuting is getting worse and more than 18% believe parking is to blame for that, which has made parking the main focus of Ford’s mobility solutions.

Ford also conducted an internal survey at its Lujiazui-based Asia-Pacific headquarter, every 4 of 10 respondents say they have to spend 10 to 20 minutes every day to find a parking space and that’s the reason why Ford cooperate with valet parking service provider Car Key.

By Ford’s experimental program with Car Key, participants could schedule with a valet when and where to pick up or return their cars.

Ford also starts an experimental program with Dingding Tingche to develop an app, which has been integrated in Sync, a Ford infotainment system, to help Ford owners open or lock their parking spots for rent to make money. Besides, Ford owners could also reserve VIP parking spots through Dingding’s platform, even at busy hours.

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