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Benz released its sales volume in August, keeping growth for 42 months

Time: 2016-09-06
Summary: Benz released its sales volume in August, keeping growth for 42 months

Mercedes Benz brought two new cars and a debut model on Chengdu Auto Show, which was held on September 2ed. It’s learned that Benz delivered 303,619 units vehicles (smart vehicles included) in the Chinese market from January to August, keeping a period-to-period growth of more than 30% and achieving growth for a consecutive 42th month.

SUVs are still the main force of sales volume, especially GLC SUV, which was launched at the end of last year, and entry-level GLA SUV. Besides, Benz C-class vehicles still keep strong performance and new long-wheelbase E-class vehicles, which was successfully launched at the end of August, also receive good market respond.

Mercedes-Benz also strengthens its after-sales services. “We further optimize the pricing strategy of OEM parts this year.” Mr. Ni Kai said. Price for key parts was lowered for a second time this year on August 15th, with an average decline of 30%, to further optimize costs for vehicles.

Benz CLA’s middle-term facelift model was officially launched on Chengdu Auto Show. Five models are launched with prices ranging from RMB 267,000 to 598,000. New vehicles will equip 1.6T and 2.0T turbo-supercharged engines.

Smart Fortwo special-version, selling only 500 units across the nation with a price of RMB 139,888, which body will use titanium and be decorated with lava orange and black, also appeared on the Chengdu Auto Show.

Another special version, GLA SUV blue-version was also released. The new model is decorated with blue and equips with new wheel rim. The GLA model in sale equips with 1.6T, 2.0T turbo charged engine. It’s estimated that blue-version will also follow the design.

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