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GS8’s launching triggered three challenges, marking the mature time for launching high-end self-independent products

Time: 2016-10-28
Summary: GS8’s launching triggered three challenges, marking the mature time for launching high-end self-independent products

GS8’s launching on the night of October 26th marks that self-independent brands steps further in the fight for high-end products. Earlier in the Beijing auto show this April, GAC Trumpchi GS8 had attracted wide attention during its debut. The focuses are concentrated in the attractive appearances, the large size body, and self-independent brands’ advances in R&D, design and manufacturing technologies, represented by GS8. The product presentation announced its fight for three challenges to itself, opponents and consuming demands.

In the high-growth SUV market, GAC Trumpchi GS4 seized some market shares by its good performance. Data shows that GS4 sold 34,000 units this September, reaching a historical record and increasing 81%. The total sales volume reaches 239,000 units in the previous three quarters, in which GS4 accounting for more than 90%. However, compared with GS4’s high sales volume, other models’ performances still need to be promoted.

GS8’s launching opens Trumpchi’s curtain in speeding up the product layout. It’s said that GS8 sets its annual sales target at 100,000 units. Besides, it’s revealed that 2017 will be Trumpchi’s product year, in which Trumpchi will launch four new models, three alternative energy models and two face-lifting models, including GS3 and GS7.

GAC Trumpchi plans to challenge the annual target of 500,000 units in 2017 and 1m units in 2020. On July 28th, Trumpchi’s second production line completed construction, further increasing the production capacity.

Some professionals said that GS8’s launching released signal that the timing for self-independent brands stepping into high-end level is mature. More self-independent auto companies will launch middle-and-high-end SUV models. Chana will release CS95, while JAC Refine S7 will also be launched.

With strong competitive strengths in exterior appearances, interior appearances, space and power steering, GS8 sets its price at RMB 163,800 to 259,800, competing for joint-venture models.

GS8’s design and configuration has also greatly met consumers’ expectations, challenging for consumers’ potential demands.

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