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Volkswagen To Produce EVs Beginning 2021 In North America, Do You Know The Facts

Time: 2016-11-29
Summary: Volkswagen To Produce EVs Beginning 2021 In North America, Do You Know The Facts

Volkswagen plans to the expand production of electric vehicles starting 2021 in the North America market.

The company aims to gradually reach its annual target of 2-3 million electric vehicles in sales all over the world by 2025. Manufacturing electrified vehicles seems to be their strategic core branding, which also appears to be one of the firm's long-term plans for the automobile industry.

Herbet Diess, Brand Head of Volkswagen, cites that producing electric cars is meant to fill in the anticipated deficit for automobile sales powered by internal combustion engines or also known as ICEs, as repoted on CleanTechnica.  

In the recently held Los Angeles Auto Show, the company unveiled their latest creation: the e-Golf model.The introduction of this new EV signals the movement and execution of its two-stage plan for producing electric cars, aside from putting up Volkswagen shops all over North America.

Diess also shared the company's intention to create significant ventures on the EV infrastructure; they will give more spotlight and priority to stocky limousine and SUV production as planned, according to engadget blog post.

Was it the company's way of rebranding and reinventing itself after the massive diesel emission scandal?

The answer is no.

The firm actually decided to restructure the entire organization, which includes trimming down staffing and labor capacity --- affecting up to 30,000 jobs and increasing EV sales to three million by the 2025. By then, this means the company is also potentially able to manufacture 25 percent more EVs than how the current production is doing. 

During the first half of 2016, the company introduced an all-eclectic, ID concept product version vehicle to the public --- intended to be made available in 2020.

Indeed, the likelihood of Volkswagen's plan to produce electrically geared vehicles in North America looks close to happening real soon.

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