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Karry is to Multiply SUV Models in its Three-Year Plan

Time: 2017-02-28
Summary: Karry is to Multiply SUV Models in its Three-Year Plan

 Annual sales of Karry has grown rapidly to nearly 90 thousand units in 2016. At the meanwhile, medias has known from the annual business conference of Karry at Wuhu city that, Karry has made a specific planning for 2017 to deepen the brand reformation and to list several SUVs.

Praised by the Senior Leaders of Chery for Performance in 2016

The annual sales of Karry in 2016 was close to 90 thousand units, 33.6% higher than the same period of 2015. The excellent performance, which showed Karry’s promotion in the segment of both family and commercial vehicles, was praised by the senior leaders of Chery frequently.

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Sales of 2017 Target at 100K units with New Models to be Listed

Karry has targeted to sell 100 thousand units cars in 2017 while its annual sales should be 400 thousand units to meet the requirement of the future market under Chery’s planning. Medias have known from insiders that, Karry is to focus on large-sized SUVs to highlight the competitiveness of products.

The already listed K60 and K50 were both produced based on the P2 platform. The two models will be the main force for Karry to achieve the 100-thousand-unit sales target in 2017, and in 2018 Karry is to list two brand new SUVs and a MPV.

The K50S, which will be listed in 2017, has a length of 4450mm, a width of 1760mm and a height of 1790mm. Karry will upgrade its existing mini-car platform and introduce a minibus and a mini-truck based on this platform. It will also promote the research and development based on existing products to meet the requirements of city EVs’ market for logistics.

The K70 and K80, which will be listed in 2018, would be produced based on a higher-level of P6 platform. K80 will be a 7-seat new SUV which is more advanced in body sizes. Karry is also to launch Karry K90 in 2018, an urbanization boutique SUV, to compete with joint-ventured SUV models ranged from 100K-150K yuan. Karry K70 is a large-sized 7-seat MPV, which is expected to be the second generation product of Karry’s 7-seat MPVs.

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