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GAC Trumpchi GM8 interior design revealed, taking after GS8

Time: 2017-03-24
Summary: GAC Trumpchi GM8 interior design revealed, taking after GS8

The domestic media recently has exposed several spy photos revealing the interior of the new GAC Trumpchi GM8 MPV. The new car is regarded as the production model of the i-Lounge concept car and will be rolled out in December this year.

Previously we’ve seen the interior design of the GM8 testing mule,from the pictures we knew that its interior style were same as GA8.However, judging from the latest spy shots, it is easy to conclude that the previous testing car just “borrow” the interior of GA8.As a matter of fact,the GAC Trumpchi GM8’s styling is closer to GS8 with the familiar steering wheel,dash board and console in it while the biggest difference between GM8 and GS8 lies in GM8 adopts the gear arrangement that most MVPs does.

Inside, we could see the 2+2+3 seats layout ,the second row chair handrail is equipped with a hidden functional button adding its people-oriented charm. The new car is expected to fit with the latest “Intelligently-connected Trumpchi” systems. The color screen inserted in the central air-conditioning has multiple functions including the APP remote monitoring,remote start and stop, chair-control and remote aiding. And the new model is likely to offer the sunroof, leather seat,auto-AC and electric seats.

Under the hood , it is expected to carry a 2.0T engine could produce 201 horsepower and a torque of 320 Nm together with a six speed automatic and manual transmission.

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