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BYD new model to be lauched on April 17th with poster revealed

Time: 2017-04-07
Summary: BYD new model to be lauched on April 17th with poster revealed

BYD has announced recently that it will list a brand new model on its brand activity of April 17th. The new car is positioned as a crossover.

Although this time’s poster is for a red car, it is similar to that of a blue one issued earlier. However, judging from the appearance of two cars, the tail line of the red model is lower and the tilt angle of its rear windscreen is larger. In additional, the new car seems to adopted black wheel brow of crossover style, and its waistline is sportier. The two cars were both designed by Wolfgang Egger, the newly appointed design director of BYD, who will lead the designing trend of BYD’s products in the future.

We can know from the poster that, the new car of BYD adopts a headlamp designing with T-type LED light source, and the line of its front engine cover is extruded with air inflow decoration. What’s more, the new car adopts a taillight designing with integrated LED light band which looks more advanced. More information of the new car will in follow-up reports.

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