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Changan Auto Released New Design Philosophy Named “Intelligent, colorful and Double Delix

Time: 2017-04-11
Summary: Changan Auto Released New Design Philosophy Named “Intelligent, colorful and Double Delix

Self-owned brands have obtained considerable development in recent years with the upgrading of consumption structure and the speeding up of urbanization process. The market share of self-owned brands is to surpass the second-tier joint venture brands. As for product quality, intelligent products with good appearance are easier to be accepted by consumers.

In this case, Changan Auto hold a news conference for the new design philosophy named “Intelligent, colorful and Double Delix” and isssued a new design philosophy “Movement of Life” on April 7th.

What is “Movement of Life” and “Intelligent, Colorful and Double Delix”?

Mr. Xu Liuping, chairman of Changan Auto, explained that the essence of life is to move to a more perfect life and continually inherit, growing up and make breakthroughs. A good firm should have its own vitality and inject soul into products to resonate with users, which is also the initial thought of Changan Auto to release its new design philosophy.

While the “intelligent” in “Intelligent, Colorful and Double Delix” means intellect and smart. Changan Auto plans to build an intelligent mobile terminal to continually make automatic driving and driveless realized. And “colorful”means the products of Changan must meet the aesthetic and emotional requirements of customers. “Double Delix” refers to DNA double delical structure, it integrates “intelligentize” and “humanization” into the designing of vehicles and fuse the car and people’s life together.

The high-performance and full-sized SUV CS95of Changan Auto has been listed this March, and another four new models include the brand new SUV CS55, sedan Raeton CC, MPV LingXuan and ten more variants are coming into the market soon. At the news conference for “Movement of Life” and “Intelligent, colorful and Double Delix” design philosophies, Changan Auto showed people two concept cars, a sedan anda SUV respectively.

In addition, Raeton CC, the first model adopts “Movement of Life” design philosophy will come into the market by the end of this year.

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