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Test Driving for Borgward BX7 Again after One Year; the Driving Performance is Optimized

Time: 2017-04-18
Summary: Test Driving for Borgward BX7 Again after One Year; the Driving Performance is Optimized

 As compact SUV occupied the market with more and more fierce competition, middle-sized SUVs are still sellers’ market since a variety of middle-sized SUVs have raised prices and added with more products to meet demands of the market. In this case, the new brand Borgward chose middle-sized SUV for Chinese market, thus listed its first product Borgward BX7 in 2016.

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BX7 has achieved a good performance during the first year after listed, it had an average wholesale quantity of 4400 units for a month till February 2017.

The reporters borrowed a BX7 from a dealer of Borgward in the first ten days of this April and had a test drive again after it was listed for a year. We found it still remained its merits and demerits.

As for sizes, the design of Borgward BX7’s shape, lines and details are lofty and powerful. As for dynamic property, Borgward BX7 was equipped with 2.0T turbo-charging direct injection engine, which has a maximum power of 165kW and a maximum torque of 300Nm with a 6-speed AT.

When it was in full throttle and under 50km/h, it would have a sense of back-pulling; while under 50-80km/h, the sense of back-pulling will disappear; when the car has a speed over 80km/h, its accelerating ability will decline.

It is noticeable that, the brake pedal of Borgward BX7 worked not very well in last year’s test driving, which disappeared this time. It was guessed that Borgward may got the problem improved.

However, Borgward BX7 still has an obvious noise from its engine, especially when the engine is in 2000 revolutions. Besides, the car still has an obvious smell inside, which reduce the comfort of driving.

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