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Spy Shoots of Lexus Mini SUV Unveil

Time: 2017-05-06
Summary: Spy Shoots of Lexus Mini SUV Unveil
Currently there are 4 SUV models of Lexus, ranging from medium to large market. Previously, Lexus released a small city SUV model, which will make up for blanks in the market segments. The online auto market obtained a set of Lexus UX pictures from the national patent bureau, the whole style still uses the concept car design, but the side and tail details are optimized. The new car will be officially listed next year, to compete with the same level models like Audi Q3.
The face of UX uses spindle type grille, as a small SUV, it uses more exaggerated and radical design elements, which give people a visual impact. UX is filled with so many sharp "arrow" elements, also is the grill assembly. The headlight also consists of large arrow and three small arrows.
In the side face, the retro reflector is on the windshield glass, the camera is set in two strips of metals. Compared with the concept car, the new car is longer and the rear door is changed. UX is equipped with 21 inch wheels which look wider and there are many scrolls. The "U" shape LED taillights are lower than concept car and the rear bumper is also slightly changed.
currently the price of medium-sized SUV NX is 318 thousand Yuan, the price of small-sized SUV-UX is expected to drop to 250 thousand Yuan. After the new car is launched, it will compete with Audi Q3 and other same level models. The market price of Audi Q3 is 37.70-42.88 million Yuan, so that the price advantage of Lexus UX is obvious.

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