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Qoros Auto faces management shift again

Time: 2017-05-09
Summary: Qoros Auto faces management shift again

It’s learned that Cao Zhigang, who had been working in many auto companies before, would join Qoros as the Sales and Web Development Executive Vice President. It’s the second vice president Qoros introduced in 10 days. “Previously Sun Xiaodong was in charge of marketing and sales, now the position was split into two parts, assumed by Ni Shuyong and Cao Zhigang respectively.”

Till now, Qoros’s new management team has formed its shape, comprised by CEO Liu Liang, Marketing and PR Executive Vice President Ning Shuyong and Sales and Web Development Executive Vice President Cao Zhigang. Chen Anning, Qoros’s Board Director said on the Shanghai Auto Show that, Qoros is currently facing two major problems of enlarging sales network and raising brand popularity. Apparently, the newly appointed Cao Zhigang and Ning Shuyong will be responsible for solving the two problems in the following time.

As the leader in developing high-end products among self-independent brands, Qoros faces a rugged development in the past ten years. But auto market shows a high-end tendency in 2017, encouraging Qoros to upgrade its products and welcoming a new development period. Liu Liang points out that, “In this year, Qoros aims to achieve a positive operating cash flow and introduces new strategic investors. Besides, Qoros will accelerate the distribution of sales channels, to increase dealership stores from 115 to 200 this year.”

In fact, Qoros’s R&D procedure and product system is accordant with international standards, accumulating reputation among customers in the initial time. But the lacking of new models makes it less competitive in the auto market.

“We have a very detailed plan to upgrade products. In the first half of 2018, we plan to launch three facelift car models.” Dan Cohen, Qoros’s Vice Board Chairman told reporters.

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