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Geely Establish A New R & D Base in Hangzhou Bay with Investment of 6.2 Billion

Time: 2017-05-12
Summary: Geely Establish A New R & D Base in Hangzhou Bay with Investment of 6.2 Billion

In recent years, Geely Automobile has rapidly developed, it not only took over the Volvo automobile and deepened quality strategy, but also launched the brand LYNK&CO last year. In the Shanghai Auto Show, Geely made a wonderful performance, which established its position in the Chinese independent brand automobile enterprises. Today, in the opportunity of "China brand", Geely Automobile Group invested 6.2 billion Yuan to establish a new R & D center in Hangzhou Bay and released "iNTEC" technology brand.

The Gasgoo Automobile is informed that the total investment of Geely Automobile (Hangzhou Bay) R & D center reaches 6.2 billion Yuan, covers an area of 415 acres, consists of the Institute of vehicle center architecture research, Institute of automotive powertrain, Institute of New Energy Automobile Research, automobile design center, it has the relatively advanced technology research and development center, vehicle test center, the power test center, the vehicle trial center and living facilities. The center integrates the research and development, test, quality control, supplier collaborative development and has the independent R & D capabilities of vehicle, engine, transmission, electronic and electrical appliances, it can carry out the key auto parts test, performance test, new energy motor durability test, analysis and evaluation, structure research and measurement and so on.

At the same time, Geely Automobile also released "iNTEC" technology brand in Hangzhou Bay. Among them, the "iN" represents Intelligent, Integration and fashion trend, the "TEC" represents the Technology. “ The iNTEC Humanization intellectual drive technology” integrates the global intelligent technology and solves the vehicle driving technology problems. It covers five technology modules : effective power, human security, intelligent driving, ecological health, intelligent interconnection.

At present, Geely unmanned vehicle technology has reached the level of 2.5, which is expected to reach 3 in 2019, the next step Geely will rely on this R & D center and integrate the technology of precision sensing, high precision map and automatic navigation. Geely also will carry out the pilot of man less driving in Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Area.

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