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Chery faces great personnel change recently

Time: 2017-06-30
Summary: Chery faces great personnel change recently
News from insiders reveals that Chery has conducted a new round of personnel adjustments since the middle of June on senior managers with positions higher than vice presidents, showing a positive signal of changing towards into a professional, young and modular management team.
The paper shows that Li Lizhong, Raymond Bierzynski and Liu Yang will be appoint as Executive Vice Presidents, while Vice General Manager He Xiaoqing and Gao Xinhua will be in charge of domestic sales businesses and product developments. Li Kang, Pan Yanlong and Yu Jiufeng will be appointed as Vice Mangers.
It’s learned that six modular leaders will shoulder the responsibilities of executive vice president to achieve modular management and increase decision efficiency. The three newly appointed vice managers are all senior talents with professional backgrounds, showing Chery’s aim in making an all-system professional organization. 
Another remarkable change turns out to be that some senior managers will face job rotations to engage in multi-area and multi-system businesses. “We will further increase job rotation frequency between senior managers and promote young talents, which is an important strategic task in the second phrase, and we will continue to do so in the future.” Chen Anning, General Manager of Chery said

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