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BAIC Motor Capacity Increase by 150,000 New Energy Vehicles

Time: 2017-07-28
Summary: BAIC Motor Capacity Increase by 150,000 New Energy Vehicles

The second phase of BAIC Motor high-end manufacturing base has been officially completed. BAIC Group will increase by 150,000 new energy vehicle capacity, and BAIC new energy EU300, the first new product of the second phase, also was officially off the assembly line. This means BAIC Motor begins to march into the "2.0 era." While building and upgrading the green energy industry, BAIC Motor has also accelerated the implementation of its strategic transformation.

It is reported that after the transformation and upgrading of the BAIC Motor high-end base, the capacity will increase by 150,000 new energy vehicles to a total of 300,000 vehicles. At the same time, they will add and optimize intelligent production equipment to meet the production requirement of eight models.

In addition, BAIC Motor uses the world's leading VOC exhaust treatment technology and American low nitrogen combustion recycling technology. To collect real-time data, optimize manufacturing chain, improve work efficiency and reduce energy consumption, intelligent control system, standardized and intelligent energy management system, MES system, and IOT technology are also applied.

EU300 is the world's first "charge-change" compatible model. It can effectively solve the problem of long charging time of electric vehicles with low energy consumption and high operating efficiency. With a driving range of 300km, EU300 supports both charging and changing battery, and 3 minutes are enough to change the battery.

Xu Heyi, Chairman of BAIC Group, said that BAIC is in a critical period of strategic transformation and that it is of great significance to expand intelligent manufacturing platform. The accomplishment of increasing new energy production capacity in the second phase is a important part in BAIC Motor new energy strategic layout, and an important part of marching into new energy development strategy with electric products.

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