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BYD will Sign Agreement with the Philippines to Land its “Cloud-Track” Project

Time: 2017-08-25
Summary: BYD will Sign Agreement with the Philippines to Land its “Cloud-Track” Project

BYD's single track transportation system“Cloud-Track”has been landed in many domestic cities. Currently, it's known from BYD insiders that the company would sign agreement with the Philippines to construct a“cloud track”with a length of 20KM.

It's the first time that the project lands in overseas market. The“cloud track”project is BYD's strategic plan to solve the crowded traffic across all global cities. A R&D team with 1,000 members took five years' time and RMB 5b funds to create the medium and small capacity single-track transportation system.

Compared with the widely used subways, cloud track has relatively small capacity which could only hold 10,000 peoples in eight carriages. But the cost and construction time only take 1/5 and 1/3 of subways respectively. It has strong capabilities in climbing and short turning radius. It has little noise, making it available to move through buildings. It will also provide good sightseeing and could adapt to city ecological environments well. The speed could reach 80KM/H and it will carry 10,000 to 30,000 persons every hour.

The first trial line with length of 4.4KM has been operated in Shenzhen for 10 months. Other routes have been covering many domestic cities in the past year.

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