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Five Directions of New Energy Vehicles in the Future

Time: 2017-08-29
Summary: Five Directions of New Energy Vehicles in the Future

More and more people tend to believe that new energy vehicles will become the next bellwether of vehicles. Below are characteristics of the development trend of new energy vehicles of present:


Benefiting from China's environmental protection business and policy subsidies, new energy car enterprises develop more with less. Nowadays, the subsidy is slipping, the entry threshold is floating, and the demands for new energy vehicles are more strict, which is undoubtedly a new round of test of quality and technology of relevant car enterprises. In this context, product performance, manufacturing technology, vehicle services and other fields will become the battle point of the enterprises.


Although new energy automotive industry has flaws in the field of battery life, battery technology, maintenance and management, it has advantages over the traditional fuel trucks. Many industry insiders believe that "electric" will be the focus of development in the future.

Intelligent networking

Ideas of intelligence, information network, automation are infiltrating into the automotive industry. To seize the market, new energy vehicle manufacturers have been committed to adding more value for the product, deploying advanced auxiliary system, and docking smart network technology, embedded sensors, radar as well as other new components.

Co-development of main chain and branches

As we all know, manufacturing, battery system and after-sales operation and maintenance are large plates in the new energy automotive industry chain. Today, the development needs has added a number of new branches. Firstly, competitions bring about reorganization wave; secondly, car enterprises cooperate with developers of intelligent systems as well as brands of hydrogen fuel technology; lastly, lightweight, multi-mode, and high intelligence directly connect branches in the chain of modern new energy vehicles.

Expected to step onto the international arena

According to experts prediction, China's new energy vehicle market share is expected to exceed the international leading line in the next 3 to 5 years. Up to now, China's auto industry is in a bottleneck in exporting, but increases can be seen in new energy vehicle sales. New energy vehicle has its export advantages. Moreover, the new energy vehicle is also very active in foreign R & D cooperation, capital cooperation, as well as trade cooperation.

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