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LeEco’s EV subsidiary CEO resigns and joins rumored affliate

Time: 2017-10-17
Summary: LeEco’s EV subsidiary CEO resigns and joins rumored affliate

 Zhang Hailiang, vice president and chief executive of LeEco’s electric car affiliate Le Supercar, reportedly resigned as chief executive and joined Beijing Dearcc as president and CEO. In spite of this, Zhang is still the vice president of Le Supercar and will help the carmaker to make strategies and overall plan.

Beijing Dearcc was said to be one of Le Supercar’s 11 affiliates and the maker of its rent-oriented vehicles. But resources said that Dearcc has been controlled by the management led by Zhang and has nothing to do with LeEco.Information from the Industry and Commerce Bureau also showed that Zhang became Dearcc’s legal representative on September 23. The former CTO of Le Supercar was also said to join Dearcc as CTO.

Zhang Hailiang, the former vice president of SAIC Motor and general manager of SAIC-VW, once led the joint venture to win the sales crown. In April, 2016, Zhang joined LeSupercar as the COO and president. On March 20, 2017, he was promoted to CEO of LeSupercar Global.

Beijing Dearcc is a carmaker stratup which focuses on developing and manufacturing internet vehicles. The company was founded in 2015 and has a registered fund of RMB 28 million. Ever since its establishment, little information was released or reported except its first product launching. At the end of 2016, Dearcc launched its first product, Dearcc EV10, a fuel-efficient electric car with four seats. EV10 will hit the market within this year.

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