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Guide to Buying Used Auto Parts

Time: 2017-11-01
Summary: Guide to Buying Used Auto Parts

Guide to Buying Used Auto Parts

Is buying used auto parts a smart way to save money? Find out how to choose good quality used car parts so you won't end up buying a pile of junk.

The best thing about buying junkyard parts is that they are almost always cheaper than buying new or aftermarket. I say "almost" because there are times when I have used parts that were more expensive, or almost more expensive than the part from the dealer. It is important that you check other parts sources before you buy used just so you know how much other parts cost.

The downside to buying recycled parts is that they have already been used so they are not always as reliable as new ones. If you are buying electrical auto parts then most companies will not give you a warranty on these parts, so they might be way cheaper, but if they don't work it's obviously still not a good deal.

It is extremely important when buying a used part that you ask the sales person lots of questions. How many miles did the donor car have? What kind of condition is the part in? Is there a warranty on this used part? Does it work?, etc. These are all important questions. You want to learn as much as possible about a used auto part before you buy it.

Another quick note: You don't want to buy parts that wear out often from an auto recycler. For example under normal circumstances you would never buy used brake pads, or window wiper blades. These types of parts are not expensive and would wear out before too long anyway if you bought them used. Remember to think about how worn out the used part might be before you consider buying it.

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