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GAC Honda October sales reaches 70,263

Time: 2017-11-07
Summary: GAC Honda October sales reaches 70,263

GAC Honda released the latest sales data in October, showing that the total sales in October are 70,263 vehicles with an increase of 10%, achieving a steady rise.

According to the sales data, the joint venture delivered 13,816 Accords in October, with a growth of 5.7%. It is really not easy for Accord to maintain a growth trend with fewer discounts under the increasingly shrinking mid-size vehicle market.

As a medium size SUV, Avancier has been highly anticipated since the beginning of its launching, so far the prices are still increasing in the market. The sales of Avancier in October are 9,790 units, a slight increase of 3.4% month on month, of which the sales of 1.5T are still slightly higher than those of 2.0T models.

By virtue of the excellent market performance of various models, GAC Honda (including Acura brand) set an annual sales target of 690,000 vehicles. According to official statistics, since January this year, GAC Honda has been consecutively creating the tenth best single month terminal sales. Zheng Heng, GAC Honda executive vice president said that the brand is steadily moving forward to 1 million units sales target in 2020.

And at the 2017 Guangzhou Auto Show this year, the new GAC Acura TLX-L will be officially launched, as Honda's luxury brand. The larger body size and space utilization will help Acura TLX-L to join Accord to compete in the B-class car market. At the same time, Acura also plans to introduce CDX hybrid models in the next first half year.

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