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RMB 7,000 for plug-in hybrid passenger vehicle

Time: 2017-11-17
Summary: RMB 7,000 for plug-in hybrid passenger vehicle
Currently, Suzhou officially released Implementation Rule for 2017 Suzhou Municipal Financial Subsidy on NEV Popularization and Application stipulating that subsidy funds given by provincial and municipal governments should not exceed 50% of subsidy funds given by central government for the same model. Battery electric logistics vehicles are allowed into urban areas where logistics vehicles have limited access, which is the most favorable factor among the NEV subsidiary policy.

The rule makes it clear that consumers would receive different subsidies of RMB 1,000, RMB 9,000 and RMB 13,000 when purchasing battery electric passenger vehicles with different driving ranges. Consumers buying plug-in hybrid passenger vehicles would receive a subsidy of RMB 7,000. Besides, subsidy standard on charging facilities is also stipulated, with the number reaching RMB 600 and 400 respectively for every KW in DC charging stations and AC charging stations. Total provincial and municipal subsidy for every charging station should not exceed RMB 2 million.

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