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Baidu, FAW to introduce anti-fatigue driving system next year

Time: 2017-12-05
Summary: Baidu, FAW to introduce anti-fatigue driving system next year
At the fourth World Internet Conference, Robin Li, CEO and chairman of Baidu, revealed that intelligent driving technology is a main focus for the company’s efforts in artificial intelligence (AI) field. Next year, the company will join hands with FAW to introduce anti-fatigue driving system.

At the conference, Robin presented many innovation systems which are based on artificial intelligence. He illustrated AI’s big role in supply-side reform. For example, AI technology can improve the efficiency of fresh goods. But it needs the whole society’s efforts, apart from Baidu’s own efforts.

Consequently, the internet company continues to open different kinds of platforms, among which Apollo is the representative of auto industry. At present, Baidu has formed cooperative relations with many companies, including operators, auto service provider, automakers, auto parts suppliers and chip makers. They will step up efforts to speed the commercialization of autonomous driving technology.

According to Robin, drunk driving will not bother drivers any more in the era of autonomous driving, when drivers are not the main operators of vehicles. People can do anything in the vehicle, including drinking, according to Robin. “Somebody suggested that we should make an advertisement in which people sit together, drinking.”

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