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Tencent WeChat to develop voice-driven version for vehicle use

Time: 2018-05-25
Summary: Tencent WeChat to develop voice-driven version for vehicle use
Chinese Internet giant Tencent is developing a voice-driven version of its prevalent social application WeChat for vehicle use, Ma Huateng, Tencent's CEO, revealed at the Tencent Cloud Summit in Guangzhou on May 23. The application can serve for millions of drivers on roads as long as the technology is mature enough.
The pure voice interacted version without screen could keep drivers eyes on roads instead of being distracted by the smartphone screen, not even for one second. “If we can do it, the version will be officially provided in IoV (Internet of Vehicles) solutions and works in a very intelligent way”, Ma Huateng said.
He added that Tencent has not launched the in-vehicle WeChat version for safety concerns. “If our users check their WeChat Moments and reply messages when they are driving, there is potential life risky for others.”
Some vehicles are equipped with WeChat in infotainment system, while this is just web-version WeChat transplanted from the computer and has not been authorized by Tencent.
Tencent has currently expanding its layouts in automobile industry. In November last year, the Internet company launched an ICV solution dubbed “AI in Car” and announced the cooperation with GAC Group, Chongqing Changan, Geely Auto, BYD and Dongfeng Liuzhou. Last month, the “AI in Car” greeted FAW Group as its sixth partner. According to official introduction, the solution aims to serve for the auto industry based on Tencent's advantages in security, contents, social services, big data and AI, etc.
In autonomous driving area, Tencent obtained its first license on May 14 to conduct road tests for autonomous vehicles in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. In addition, Earlier in April, Tencent's autonomous vehicle made its first public presence on the Fourth Ring Road in Beijing.

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