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Baidu joins forces with BMW on home-to-vehicle cooperation

Time: 2018-06-15
Summary: Baidu joins forces with BMW on home-to-vehicle cooperation
At the CES Asia 2018, BMW China and Chinese Internet giant Baidu signed an agreement on June 14 to extend a home-to-vehicle cooperation and explore the new-generation human-vehicle interaction modes.
According to the agreement, BMW and Baidu will jointly provide such intelligent services that enable users to access vehicle information by voice control and operates relevant functions easily from their home. For instance, users can control ventilation, check fuel levels and lock their vehicle doors by delivering remote instructions. In addition, users can search for mobility information stored in cloud, plan routes and arrange departure times in advance. The voice control function can be activated simply using certain wake-up words.
IoV is a crucial constituent for Baidu's AI Strategy. According to Baidu's introduction, the company IoV solution boasts a number of leading core technologies, such as recognition of voice and semantic, multimodal interaction, monitoring of drivers' status and vehicle cybersecurity, which can provide its partners with all-around IoV ecosystem and relevant services.
The agreement with the world-class luxury automobile brand indicates that Baidu will further expand its businesses in premium vehicle market to create superior human-vehicle interaction experience. Meanwhile, BMW Group will make use of Baidu's technology advantages in IoV area to deliver better voice interaction and home-to-vehicle experience, thus broaden its influence in China.

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