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Small classroom of Safety knowledge

Time: 2019-03-12

    First yellow light is actually a kind of transitional lamp, usually only in the number of cars is more, can only be seen when the yellow light is to wait and continue to drive, according to the regulations of the traffic law, but yellow signal lights up when the car should be stopped in front of a stop line waiting for the follow-up the change of the signal lamp, under normal circumstances, the yellow light is only less than 10 seconds, but some owners but not the short ten seconds, driving past easily.

    Through yellow lights in failure, if they could be in for some wrong operation, can be directly identified as rushed through the red light, because when the yellow signal light is lit up, should stop at the stop line for the car itself, but before the yellow signal light is lit up, if the car itself has crossed the stop line, so the car itself is to be able to continue driving, if the yellow light in the final seconds before a line of words, the first thing to observe how in front of the vehicle driving, individual cases yellow lights in the final seconds when a line of words, is not as if through the basis of a red signal.

    So when the yellow light into red signal, the car has been across the stop line is to be able to continue driving, if not completely across the stop line, should immediately stop, this time is not considered to be rushed through the red light, no matter how for vehicles and vehicle owners own safety, or recommended not to rush light, no matter how should take responsibility for themselves and others security!

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