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Government work report: implement a larger scale of tax cuts, to ensure that the tax burden around the industry only reduced not increased.

publisher: Kiki Luo
Time: 2019-03-19

    The government will deepen VAT reform by reducing the current tax rate from 16% to 13% in industries such as manufacturing and from 10% to 9% in transportation and construction this year, according to the government work report.The tax rate of the first gear of 6% will remain unchanged, but supporting measures such as increasing the tax deduction for production and living services will be adopted to ensure that the tax burden of all industries will only be reduced without any increase.

   Faw-volkswagen audi announced on March 19 that it has decided to lower the official guidance price of all models sold on March 19 in response to the national policy of comprehensively reducing the value-added tax rate of manufacturing industry from April 1.

   It is reported that the official price adjustment covers the entire series of audi models for sale, with a maximum price reduction of 55,000 yuan.Audi A6L 55FSI quattro flagship dynamic model the official price before adjustment is 666,800 yuan, the adjusted official price is 650,800 yuan, the highest price reduction is 16,000 yuan;The official price of audi RS 6 Avant luxury sports limited edition is 1391,000 yuan before the adjustment and 1357,800 yuan after the adjustment, with an adjustment range of 33,200 yuan.

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