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The Toyota YARiS hatchback will debut at the New York auto show based on the Mazda 2

publisher: Kiki Luo
Time: 2019-04-02
Toyota released the official image of the new Toyota YARiS Hatchback.The new car, a Sedan version of the existing Toyota YARiS Sedan, will replace the current Toyota YARiS Liftback, code-named XP130.Based on the partnership between Toyota and Mazda, the new car can be regarded as a licensed model of Mazda 2.Meanwhile, foreign media reported that the new car will be officially launched at the New York auto show starting on April 17, 2019 local time. In terms of appearance, the new Toyota YARiS hatchback model has an exaggerated appearance design. Its front face is designed in a hexagonal shape. The hexagonal center net combines the lines of the outer ring and the upper air inlet, giving an overall visual impact.At the same time, the new car's headlights use an upturned design, combined with the front line to further add to its aggressive. For the interior part, the new Toyota YARiS hatchback model also adopts the same design as the current Mazda 2. Except for the new steering wheel design, other parts are the same as the Mazda 2.The interior of the new car USES an asymmetric design, while the center control panel and door panel are the same color as the seat of the soft material also adds to the fashion sense of the new car.At the same time, the new car also set up a 7-inch floating central control screen above the central console. The multimedia system on the new car supports bluetooth connection, voice recognition and Android Auto/Apple CarPlay interconnection and other functions. In terms of power, the new Toyota YARiS hatchback will have a 1.5-liter engine with a maximum power of 108 horsepower.In terms of transmission, the new car will be equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission. From: Sina News

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