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Geely Auto unveils PREFACE Concept at Auto Shanghai 2019

Time: 2019-04-17
Summary: Shanghai (Gasgoo)- Geely Auto's PREFACE Concept sedan made its global debut at the biennial Auto Shanghai on April 16.

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- Geely Auto's PREFACE Concept sedan made its global debut at the biennial Auto Shanghai on April 16.

As Geely brand's first high-end sports orientated sedan based on the CMA platform, it further develops Geely's “Expanding Cosmos” design language, combining the safety of the CMA, high standard of quality control, more human-friendly intelligent technologies and stronger driving experience, according to the automaker's introduction. The unveiling of this concept signifies Geely's intention to set a new benchmark for China-owned car brands in the global market.

The PREFACE Concept gets a wider and taller grille that confidently separates headlamps, whilst black vertical line helps create an image of a floating center logo. Clamshell doors with frameless windows render a high-class futuristic attribute that will catch the eye of new generation of consumers.

By virtue of elegant materials, simple finishes and bright colors, the concept exhibits a concise, pure and tranquil interior. Its unique understanding over cutting-edge technologies are characterized by such details as the semi-transparent instrument panel, hexagonal dual-spoke steering wheel, metal engraved buttons, geometrically lined speakers, and new ergonomically designed seats as well as the HMI display.

At the Shanghai Auto Show, Geely Auto also showed off 10-plus electrified models which are set to be rolled out this year, including the Binyue MHEV and PHEV, the Binrui MHEV, the Emgrand GL PHEV and the Jiaji PHEV. The automaker revealed that its upcoming PHEV models will adopt a 1.5TD engine paired with a hybrid powertrain system, providing a battery range of 60km on a full charge. A few days ago, Geely's new energy brand Geometry was launched and its first model Geometry A officially hit the market with two range options—410km and 500km. 

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